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FMA-Edward Elric eyecatch

Typical eyecatch from Fullmetal Alchemist

An Eyecatch (アイキャッチ, aikyatchi) or internal eyecatch is a scene or illustration segment used between commercial breaks in a Japanese TV program, especially in anime and tokusatsu shows, similar to how "bumpers" into/out of commercial breaks are used in the United States. The term is used, in Japan, to refer to all kinds of bumpers.

Unlike in American programs, in which bumps are typically supplied by the network (when they have them at all), eyecatches are almost always produced by the production company and considered a part of the program itself, rather than (or also serving as) a segue into a commercial break. They are typically 2–6 seconds long. Eyecatches for children's programs are often longer and more elaborate, while eyecatches for programming for adults may consist of nothing more than the program's logo against a black background.

Some eyecatches try to include snippets of info relevant to the anime that may not be obvious from watching the primary content.