Fūma no Kojirō (風魔の小次郎, Fūma no Kojirō, lit. "Kojiro of the Fuma Clan") is a manga series by Japanese author Masami Kurumada, later adapted to anime. On June 1, 1989, an OVA was released featuring animation character designs by Michi Himeno and Shingo Araki. In 2003, Masami Kurumada authored an additional short story titled Yagyu's Murder Book (柳生暗殺帖, Yagyū Ansatsuchō). On October 3, 2007, a tokusatsu drama adaptation began airing on Tokyo Metropolitan Television starring Ryouta Murai in the lead role of Kojiro.


Hakuo Academy used to be a prestigious high school, and famous for martial arts. However, because its rival school Seishikan has been cowardly luring its superior students, Hakuo was going to decline. In order to recover from the situation, the acting principal of Hakuo; Himeko Hojo, sends Ranko Yagyu to the Fuma village in search of the famous Fuma ninja clan for assistance. The leader of the Fuma sent Kojiro to Hakuo, there he faces the notorious Yasha clan who fights for Seishikan led by Musashi Asuka. Kojiro's comrades arrive, resuming an all-out ninja war that began five centuries ago.

Kojiro with his friends, will fight in the "war of the sacred swords", for the conquest of the ten swords that give the power to rule over the whole world.

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