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F-Zero is a Japanese series of futuristic racing video games originally created by Nintendo EAD. After the first game released for the SNES in 1990; its success prompted Nintendo to create multiple sequels on subsequent gaming consoles. An anime adaptation entitled F-Zero: GP Legend (F-ZERO ファルコン伝説, Efu Zero Farukon Densetsu) based on the Game Boy Advance game was produced by Ashi Productions which aired in Japan from October 7, 2003 to September 28, 2004. It was licensed by 4Kids Entertainment for US broadcast.

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Rick Wheeler was a police detective who got into a fatal car accident while pursuing the criminal Zoda. He was placed into artificial coldsleep for 150 years. Wheeler is brought back to life by Jody Summer and Dr. Stewart, who work with a group of good racers who try to keep prize money out of the hands of unsavory people like the Dark Million Organization run by Black Shadow and Deathborn.

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