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Faeries' Landing (선녀 강림, Seonnyeo Ganglim) is a 1998 Japanese style manhwa created by You Hyun and licensed in 2004 by Tokyopop.


Ryang Jegal lives a relatively normal life; save whenever his teachers try to force him to remove his trademark bandana. When he saves a deer spirit called Goodfellow (Chunrok), Goodfellow offers him the opportunity to see something extraordinary. Since he has nothing better to do, Ryang accepts.

It turns out, Goodfellow's surprise is an enchanted spring where three beautiful faeries are bathing. Since he and Goodfellow cannot manage to stay undetected, Ryang accidentally tears the gown of one of the faeries. While Thea and Sina, the other two, can return to Avalon (the home of the faeries), the third cannot. The faerie Fanta decides that she will stay with Ryang until her gown heals. Fanta, despite the fact she cannot return home, is more than happy to stay on earth with Ryang.

Things seem to be going fine until Fanta's rival for the throne of Avalon and the king's affections, the faerie Medea, arrives on the scene. Determined to stir up some trouble, Medea anoints poor Ryang with magic eyedrops. If Ryang makes eye contact with a girl who already has romantic interest of any sort, an evil affinity will result. Ryang is destined to suffer 108 evil affinities and cannot control who he affects.

Since Fanta is the only one able to purify the evil affinities, it looks like Ryang will have to welcome her into his life. Little does he know, Fanta has her own reasons and problems for coming to earth in the first place...

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