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Fan Service is a term used in anime and manga to refer to scenes or situations that are unnecessary to the storyline. This is mostly common in Filler and is usually often something that may exploit a female character in a sexual manner (ecchi) with stuff such as panty shots, bathing suits, bath and shower scenes, unnecessary nudity, etc.


Amazing Nurse Nanako is an example of an anime with lots of fan service

Accidentally falling on top of someone or falling down facing up to see under a skirt is also classic fan service. It is sometimes used with male characters as well such as accidental kissing.

The "fans" who are the target of fan service tend to be heterosexual males, but that's more due to the abundance of female characters in anime.

Common examples of "fan servce"[]

  • Emphasis on cleavage for no particular reason
  • Most female characters have unusually large breasts
  • Panty shots
  • Upskirt scenes or suggesting it
  • Unnecessary bath or shower scenes
  • Skimpy outfits, especially ones suggesting military garb, but with no practical defensive features
  • Short shorts and miniskirts in cold weather
  • Bathing suit scenes or episodes that don't advance the plot
  • Overly torn clothing that exposes suggestive areas
Other types
  • Cameos of well-known characters that don't belong there
  • Unnecessary flashbacks
  • Main characters in heroic poses for unnecessarily long stretches
  • Repeating a violent action sequence or fight for not reason

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