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Fantastic Children (ファンタジックチルドレン, Fantajikku Chirudoren) is a Japanese animated series created by Takashi Nakamura and produced by Nippon Animation. It first aired on Japan across TV Tokyo between October 4, 2004 and March 28, 2005, totaling 26 episodes. There was an extended ending special released only on DVD.

The series was later dubbed by Animax for broadcast across its English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is licensed in North America by Bandai Entertainment.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A group of enigmatic white-haired children has been spotted at different times and places in Europe for over 500 years. Always with the appearance of 11-year-olds, they behave far more mature, immortal, and somehow supernatural. What they have been seeking is a girl, and the only clue they have is a picture of a crescent moon. Now, in the year of 2012, an athletic boy named Tohma is about to be involved in this centuries-long mystery.

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