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Fighting Foodons (格闘料理伝説ビストロレシピ, Kakutō Ryōri Densetsu Bisutoro Reship) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoto Tsushima and serialized in Comic BonBon in 1998. It was adapted into an anime television series which aired on NHK-BS2 satellite channel from December 12, 2000 to June 26, 2001. It also received two Game Boy Color video games released in 1999 in Japan, as well as a Wonderswan game. In the United States, the anime was dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment in cooperation with licensing from Enoki Films, and was released on DVD by Discotek Media on April 25, 2017.


It all started some years ago when a culinary-confused king asked a question to his chefs about which is stronger? Thinking the king had "gone a little too heavy on the nutmeg", one chef who understands the king's question, presented him with magical cards called Meal Tickets which turns the food into monsters called Fighting Foodons. Since that day, regular food recipes have been turned into Foodons when the art of culinary combat is concocted.

One day, King Gorgeous Gorge and his Gluttons cook up a devious plan to rule the world by kidnapping the best chefs & forcing them to make powerful, evil Foodons. A young apprentice chef boy named Zen, takes up the challenge to battle the evil empire and become an Elite Master Chef like his dad.

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