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Figure 17: Tsubasa & Hikaru (フィギュア17つばさ&ヒカル, Figyua Sebuntīn Tsubasa ando Hikaru) is a Japanese anime series created by Genco and OLM, Inc. and directed by Naohito Takahashi. The series is unusual due to it having an hour time slot per episode (46 minutes of actual episode) rather than the standard half hour time slot.


Tsubasa Shiina is a quiet, unsociable 10-year-old girl who recently moved to Hokkaido to live with her father, but not open to others at school. One night, she witnesses a UFO crash in the forest near her home and discovers the pilot, codenamed "D.D.", in a barely stable condition. Also in the scene is a Maguar, a hideous alien that hatched aboard D.D.'s ship. As the Maguar is close to taking Tsubasa's life, an alien lifeform fuses with her body to form the Riberus battle armor Figure 17, which shortly destroys the alien threat. The life form takes the name Hikaru and turns into an identical twin of Tsubasa. As time passes, Tsubasa becomes more open to everyone around her, thanks to her new twin sister Hikaru. However, with Maguar eggs scattered all over Hokkaido, their ability to form Figure 17 is needed to eliminate all hatched Maguars until backup from D.D.'s home planet arrives on Earth.

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