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Fortune Quest (フォーチュン・クエスト) is a Japanese Light novel series written by Mishio Fukazawa in 1989. The series eventually franchise into several titles, with a 2-volume manga adaptation serialized by Monthly Comic Comp (and later Dengeki Monthly Comic Gao!) and several table games.

The anime adaptation entitled Fortune Quest L aired on from October 1997 to May 1998, with a 4-episode OVA prequel entitled Fortune Quest: Luckiest Adventurers in the World (フォーチュン・クエスト~世にも幸せな冒険者たち~).


An 18-year-old orphan girl named Pastel is a bright and friendly girl respected by her extraordinary intelligence and honesty. She lives in the house with a group of adventurers named Clay, Trapp, Kitton, Knoll, Whitey, a baby dragon; and Rumy, an infant sorcerer. Together this odd group enter many mysterious adventures from treasure hunting to searching for a missing person, riddle challenges, and many more unexpected quests.

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