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For references please see w:Forum:Licensing update, m:Licensing update, m:Licensing update/Questions and Answers, and m:Licensing update/Implementation.

For a quick summary Wikipedia (and the entire Wikimedia project) is moving from the GFDL license to CC-BY-SA 3.0. The licenses are essentially the same except the CC license is easier to understand, the GFDL is not meant for the way it is being used in wiki, and a few other reasons the first reference will explain. As well Wikia is likely planning to help a number of wiki across Wikia to change licenses.

I'd like to communicate with the various animanga wiki on Wikia about what individual wiki's plans are.

The answers to a few questions.

What wiki can move from GFDL to CC-BY-SA?
Wiki on Wikia that were created before November 1st, 2008. (Content from Wikipedia copied from articles that were created before that date apply as well)
What about wiki that can't switch
Most of the wiki created after November are quite small and haven't developed much of a community yet. Because these wiki only have a few users to them they have an alternative option that larger wiki with longer histories don't have. If all the contributors that have edited on the wiki agree to relicensing their contributions it's legal for the wiki to change licenses, this is a part of copyright which is independent of licenses.
How is this supposed to be done?
Angela will be posting information on what Wikia is doing on Monday June 15th, see w:Forum:Licensing update for more info. If a wiki is in a hurry it's possible to change earlier.
Why should a wiki switch?
A number of reasons, the references list a good number of them, but most primarily it's good for a wiki to switch for Wikipedia compatibility and compatibility with the other wiki that are switching.
What reason does a wiki have not to switch?
The only real reason not to switch is if your wiki is copying from a GFDL source other than Wikipedia projects, etc... who are making the switch. ie: Only if you are copying content that cannot be used under CC-BY-SA and must be GFDL.
If there are any animanga wiki like that, please pipe up, I'd love to have a list of animanga wiki that are using sources that stop them from changing.
~ NOTASTAFF Dantman(Talk)

Wikis created after November are also able to switch. However, any GFDL content they imported from a site that does not also switch would have to remain GFDL. The November limit was added to prevent people making large scale switches of existing GFDL content, primarily software manuals. Angela@fandom (talk) 12:18, 15 June 2009 (UTC)
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