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Foxy Lady (疾風可憐迅雷狐娘!, Shippū Karen Jinrai Komusume!) is a manga series created by Ayun Tachibana. The series published five volumes published by Studio DNA in Japanese between November 26, 2002 and March 3, 2005. Recently, it has been published in English. The first volume was released by Tokyopop on May 1, 2008, and the second on July 2010.


Jin Mikasa is the heir to the Mikasa shrine, currently seen over by his father and dedicated to Doukan-San. One day, a mysterious fox-girl called Kogane Mikasa appears at the shrine, who claims to be half-human and half-demon. She first stays with Jin and Sogo Aoyagi, a childhood friend of Jin's who is self-centered at times. Worried about Doukan-San discovering her, Jin and Kogane hide in Sogo's wardrobe, where they accidentally kiss. The kiss causes her to lose her fox-like appearances and turn into a human, something she has always wanted. However, the change is only temporarily and she needs to be kissed repeatedly to remain human. Also, she cannot use magic when she is human. Her fate is determined by who she marries, and she wants to marry a human and be human.

Doukan-San discovers where Kogane is hiding, but Jin is surprised to learn that she is Doukan-San's daughter, with him being a demon and his wife being a human. Jin is also surprised to learn that Kogane's mother is his aunt and that Kogane is his cousin. Kogane stays in the human world and learns to adapt to it. She eventually goes to Jin's school, where she meets Kanoto Okubo, another of Jin's school friends, and occult club member Sachi Usui, who brings Izume-Chan, a weasel-girl who is Kogane's friend, to the human world.

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