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Galaxy Races (星际飙车王, Xingji Biaoche Wang) is a 2006 Chinese animated series that aired for 52 episodes from February 1 to June, 2006.


Set in the future on the Yellow River Planet, the realm of car racing has advanced beyond Formula One - into the domain of the Galaxy Racers. Riders steer their simulator-racers which remotely control the actual customized speedsters hurtling around a track. Monopolizing the world of car racing is the Titan Group, the CEO Taz and its Mosha Racing Team which eliminated the competition through its technology and construction of the Racers.

A teenager named Roy, was born to race and aspires to be the King of Galaxy Racers. But his grandfather, sees great danger from the evil and greedy Taz, arranges Roy to join the good guys in the Matela Racing Team to race for the highest honors. For the team, Ray's grandfather constructs for his grandson a superior racer, The Lion King, using a secret design hidden built by Roy's father, who mysteriously disappeared under unknown circumstances. But he has first to learn the skills and garner experience from racing at the highest levels. To acquire these qualities plus humility and resilience, he relies on his Matela friends who have their own cool cars, who help him against them the Mosha team and their menacing machines.

Will justice prevail or evil triumph? Find out on The Galaxy Racers on a track near you!

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