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Gall Force (ガルフォース Garu Fōsu) is a Japanese anime metaseries of science fiction OVA and films by the studios Artmic and AIC, with production by Youmex. Most of the films and OVAs were licensed by Central Park Medi, except Ten Little Gall Force, Scramble Wars and The Revolution.


Mainstream SeriesEdit

Two advanced civilizations, the Paranoids (a race of alien humanoids) and the Solenoids (all female) are waging an war that continued for centuries. When the Solenoid fleet leaves a battle to defend an experimentally terraformed world from the Paranoids, one damaged Solenoid ship, the Star Leaf, is separated from the fleet.

Only seven women remain alive on the ship: Eluza, the captain, Rabby, the solid more or less main character, Lufy, the brash pilot, Catty, the mysterious science officer, Pony, the pink-haired ditzy tech, Patty, a solid crew member, and Remy, the cute one. After narrowly escaping the battle, the crew of the Star Leaf decides to continue with their orders and rendezvous at planet Chaos to defend it. It turns out, however, that their ship is the subject of a Paranoid experiment. In the end, it is up to the remaining crew Star Leaf to defend the artificial paradise of Chaos from the Paranoid fleet and the plans of the Solenoid leaders.

Gall Force: The RevolutionEdit

A remake of the mainstream series in which all hell breaks loose between the East and West Forces among the Solonoids as they are fighting themselves. In the middle of all this fighting, the East Force detects a transmission from an unidentified planet. The Gall Force gals were dispatched to investigate, followed by Lufy, the West Force's Ace Pilot.

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