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The Adventures of Gamba (ガンバの冒険, Gamba no Bōken)} is a Japanese anime series based on the 1972 eponymous novel, "Bōkenshyatachi: Ganba to 15-hiki no Nakao" by Atsuo Saitoh and directed by Osamu Dezaki. The anime aired on Nippon TV from April 7 to September 29, 1975, totaling up to 26 episodes. Two movies premiered respectively on March 4, 1984 and on July 20, 1991 entitled Ganba to Kawauso no Bōken (ガンバとカワウソの冒険, The Adventures of Gamba and Sea Otter). A 3D CG animated film was released in Japan on October 10, 2015, entitled Gamba: Gamba to Nakama-tachi (GAMBA ガンバと仲間たち) and Air Bound in the English dub.


Gamba is a brown mouse who embarks on a sailing journey with his childhood friend. They gather experienced mice sailors at a harbor until they encounter Chūta, an injured mouse seeking for help. He appeals for Gamba and Bōbo to assist him in defending the island of Yumemishima and its inhabitants from the cruel and wicked invading Noroi Clan. Gamba elects to sail to Yumemishima with Chūta to help defend the island, and Gamba recruits more mice to join their cause on the island.

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