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Gatcha Gacha (ガッチャガチャ) is a shōjo manga by Yutaka Tachibana. The series was licensed in English by Tokyopop, with the first volume released on March 7, 2006, and the eighth volume released in December 2010.


Yuri Muroi, a promiscuous girl with a reputation among the male student body, has just broken up with her eleventh boyfriend; her previous boyfriends have always dumped her. She soon meets playboy Yabe Takahiro, and begins to think he might be her true love. Yabe, however, decides the only girl he will date seriously is Motoko Kagurazaka, the most popular girl in school. Kagurazaka displays no interest in him, but might secretly like him.

Muroi has a suitor of her own: Sho Hirao, the student body president. Hirao is clumsy and tactless around girls. He is in love with Yuri, because she, unlike other girls, never seems to be affected by his inadvertently harsh words. As Yuri is drawn into a friendship with Yabe, Motoko, and Hirao, she begins to learn the horrible truth between Yabe, Motoko and her dead sister Kanako and a terrible past that will never be fixed.

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