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Jikō Wakusei Gdleen (自航惑星ガデュリン, Jikō Wakusei Gadyurin), known simply as Gdleen, is a light novel series written by Yuto Ramon and illustrated by Hitoshi Yoneda. The first novel in the series, subtitled Kamigami no Mikotachi (神々の巫子たち, lit. "The Shamans of the Gods"), was published in September 1989 by Kadokawa Shoten under the Sneaker Bunko imprint. It was adapted into an original video animation and released in 1990.

A role-playing video game based on the anime was developed by Jorudan and published by SETA, for the Super Famicom in 1991.


The plot of Gdleen revolves around Ryūn who crash lands on the planet Gdleen. There he meets Fana and the two are soon entangled in a long-standing war between the Babaress and Miyorl tribes.

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