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Gear Fighter Dendoh (GEAR戦士電童, Gia Faitā Dendō) is a Japanese anime series that aired on the TV Tokyo network and its affiliates. It premiered for 38 episodes from October 4, 2000 to June 27, 2001.


In order to combat against the mechanical alien empire Garufa starts invading the Earth with its war machines, the Earth establishes its defense organization "GEAR" (Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance). One day during a Garufa attack on the town, two elementary school students; the level-headed Hokuto Kusanagi and short-tempered Ginga Izumo happen to rescue a lost girl during the evacuation until the monster targets them on sight. At the moment, the boys were rescued by a giant blue robot and ended up in the robot's cockpit. That robot is Earth's ray of hope, GEAR Fighter Dendoh, where it potential can be unleashed using animal-like Data Weapons, but can the boys' oil and water friendship pull it off?

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