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Genma Wars (幻魔大戦, Genma Taisen) is a Japanese series of science fiction manga written by Kazumasa Hirai and Shotaro Ishinomori. The first two volumes were published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 1967 to 1969, followed by a sequel entitled Genma Wars: Rebirth (幻魔大戦 Rebirth) currently in serialization. A film entitled Harmagedon: Genma Wars (幻魔大戦 ‒ハルマゲドン‒) by Studio Madhouse premiered in 1983, with an anime series titled Genma Wars: Eve of Mythology (幻魔大戦 ‒神話前夜の章‒) was produced by E.G. Films and aired in 2002.


Harmagedon: Genma Wars Edit

From the depths of space, an ancient universal terror by the name of Genma is approaching our universe. An ancient beyond understanding, his power is immeasurable to destroy half the universe. Only two people are aware of the imminent catastrophe: Princess Luna, a modern-day prophetess, and Vega, a cybernetic crusader from a world long since ravaged by Genma. Determined to spare the Earth from a similar fate, Luna and Vega must try to mobilize the most potent psychics in the world in time, before Genma's agents gets to them first.

Eve of MythologyEdit

In the distant future, monsters and inhumans roam the land, and the ruling Evil King seeks a human woman to bear him powerful, force-adept heirs. Non offers herself to the Evil King in order to save her village from Ape Clan raiders, and gives him twin sons, Loof and Jin. She and her sons are exiled by the ungrateful villagers, however, and Non's companion Nue (a Demon Clan member changed into a wolf for disobedience) takes Loof to be raised by his father, the Evil King. The Evil One's Queen Parome despises humans, however, and her malevolence towards Loof deepens...

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