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Genocyber (ジェノサイバー, Jenosaibā) is a 1993 Japanese Cyberpunk manga series by Tony Takezaki. One volume of the manga was published and the story remains unfinished. It was adapted into a 5-part Original video animation series in 1994. The plot of the anime differs significantly from the manga. Both are notable for their extreme graphic violence.

The OVA was produced by Bandai Visual and released in North America by U.S. Manga Corps. Genocyber was also released by Manga Entertainment's UK and Australian Divisions in The Cyberpunk Collection but only episodes 1-3 were released in these regions; this collection also included two other cyberpunk OVA's Cyber City Oedo 808 and A.D. Police.


It is panic at the Kuron institute: a guinea-pig escaped. And not any guinea-pig: it is Elaine, a fourteen-year-old girl, endowed with immense powers. Her father, the professor Reed, tried on her an operation aiming at giving her a psychic force equivalent with that of a nuclear fission. Elaine has a twin sister, Diana, resulting from the same experimentation. Both developed an incredible mental force but Diana is a handicapped person, with a body entirely robotized whereas Elaine is a wild child, with an animal's nervous system. Together, they are the key of a discovery which would disrupt the world.

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