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Not to be confused with the light novel series by Enterbrain also called Gakkō no Kaidan or The School's Staricase...

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Ghosts at School (学校の怪談, Gakkō no Kaidan; lit. "School Ghost Stories"), also known as just Ghost Stories, is a Japanese series of children's novels written by Tōru Tsunemitsu. It was published by Kodansha starting in 1990.The series is a collection of popular school ghost stories in Japan, rewritten specifically for a young demographic. A four-part live-action film series based on the books was produced from 1995 to 1999. Additionally, it was adapted into a live-action television series in 1994 and an anime produced by Studio Pierrot that aired Oct 22, 2000 to Aug 24, 2001 for 19 episodes. A video game was also produced.


Kids and ghosts. When young Satsuki finds an old book of spells from her passed away mother, she gains the power to fight ghosts that are haunting her new school. With the help of her friends, and of a really wicked devil cat, she must protect everyone around her or be haunted for ever more.

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