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Glass Fleet (ガラスの艦隊, Garasu no Kantai), subtitled "La Légende du Vent de l'Univers" (translated "The Legend of the Wind of the Universe"), is an anime television series that spanned for 26 episodes. It was co-animated by Satelight and Gonzo and produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), GDH and Sotsu Agency, which first aired in Japan on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation from April 4 to September 21, 2006.


A certain galaxy is ruled by the -declared Holy Emperor Vetti Lunard Sforza de Roselait until the rebels declare war against his tyrannical rule. The rebels were led by Michel Volban de Cabelle, but were no match against Vetti's Holy Imperial Army.

In despair, Michel seeks help from an undefeatable Glass Fleet, which bears the crest of the old Royal Family. Its captain and currently "space pirate", Cleo Aiolos Corbeille de Veil, was said to be a man of great capability, while claiming to be descendant of the Royal Family, which was defeated a long time ago.

In their entwined journeys, the Emperor and the rebels encounter the Prophet Guildy, who foresees that 'When The End comes, a Two Headed Eagle will be born. One of The Heads will be clad in Metal Armor and The Other will become The God of Love. Then it will become as One to Restore the Galaxy!"....

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