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Glass Wings (羽根玻璃ノ君。, Hane Garasu no Kimi, lit. "Your Glass Wings") is a one-shot manga anthology by Misuzu Asaoka. Kadokawa Shoten originally published it in Japan on December 17, 2003 under the Asuka Comics label.


"Glass Wings" is the story of Hagane, a boy with "Death Blood" that kills anyone who touches it. He is forced into a relationship with a woman named Tsubaki, but soon meets a girl named Ruriha, to whom he is immediately drawn. It is revealed that Ruriha and Tsubaki have Death Blood as well and that Tsubaki is Ruhiha and Hagane's mother. Hagane and Ruriha run away from Tsubaki. They face difficulties of interacting with other people, while Tsubaki looks for them. They are eventually captured by Tsubaki and taken to her palace, where Ruriha's calls wake Hagane from a drug induced stupor. Tsubaki throws Ruriha out a window and Hagane jumps after her. They fall into a lake and swim to shore, while Tsubaki angrily sets her palace on fire.

"Firefly" is the story of a young demon boy named Yuinne, who must eat corpses to survive. Additionally, the rules of his clan demand that they kill and eat humans. Yuinne chooses to not abide by these rules and to only eat creatures that died of natural causes. Upset with the members of his clan, Yuinne runs away. He meets a girl named Mia, who lets him stay in an unoccupied cottage in her village. Yuinne enjoys his time in the town, but struggles with his hunger for flesh. Nakiri, a member of his former clan, sets out to kill Yuinne for leaving. When Yuinne is seen eating the raw meat of a recently perished bird, the villagers realize that he is a demon and turn against him. Only Mia remains on his side, but she is soon killed by Nakiri. In response, Yuinne stabs him, whereupon Nakari promises to return and leaves Yuinne to mourn his loss. Mia's spirit appears to Yuinne, consoling him and advising him to stop blaming himself.

"Jion Princess" is the story of an orphan girl named Soyogi, who becomes a "yorimashi"—one that takes the pain and sickness from another—for a sick, wealthy girl named Yura. Soyogi looks almost exactly like Yura, which is why she is chosen to be Yura's yorimashi. Soyogi is treated cruely by Yura, but does not mind it as Yura is the only one to treat her like a human. Yura visits her fiancé in a monastery, leaving Soyogi behind. After her return, Yura treats Soyogi more kindly. Confused by Yura's change and not believing her to be the same person she knew, Soyogi jumps from a window. While crying over Soyogi's body, Yura reveals that she did care about her.

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