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Godannar (神魂合体ゴーダンナー!! , Shinkon Gattai Gōdan'nā!!) or titled Marriage of God & Soul Godannar!! in North America, is Japanese mecha anime series created by Anime International Company and its project founders. The first season aired in Japan from October 1 to December 24, 2003 on AT-X, which is continued with a second season that aired from April 5 to June 29, 2004. Both seasons were licensed by ADV Films for North America, and now licensed by Sentai Filmworks in 2013.


Five years ago, while battling an alien force known as the "Mimesis," Dannar pilot Goh Saruwatari first his future fiancee, Anna Aoi. Today, on the day of their wedding, the ceremony is interrupted when the Mimesis strike again. As Goh is forced to leave the altar to struggles against the alien threat, Anna stumbles upon a top secret robot known as the "Neo-Okusaer" and uses it as a last-resort to save her fiancee. At that moment, Dannar and Neo-Okusaer merge to become the mighty robot "Godannar."

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