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Goldfish Warning! (きんぎょ注意報!, Kingyo Chūihō!) is a shōjo manga by Neko Nekobe which ran in Nakayoshi. A 54-episode anime series produced by Toei Animation aired on TV Asahi from January 12, 1991 through February 29, 1992. Each episode of the anime contained two 11-minute stories, often unconnected with each other. A short film was released in 1992. The anime was made into a spinoff manga with six episodes per volume. The first volume was released on July 25, 1991. In 2005, a one-shot manga Goldfish Warning! Returns (きんぎょ注意報! リターンズ, Kingyo Chūihō! Ritānzu) was published in Nakayoshi to coincide with the DVD release of the anime.


Chitose Fujinomiya, former heiress and currently an orphan, has been kicked out of her super elite school, Tokai no Gakuen (City Academy), and shunned by her former friends. She is sent to a rural public school, Inaka no Chugakko (Country Jr. High School), where even pigs, oxen and chickens are students. The only possession she has left is a pink goldfish named Gyopi, given to her by her beloved father, and very valuable. Her family's attorney attempts to steal Gyopi, but is foiled by Chitose's new schoolmates, namely Wapiko, a simple girl who can outrun almost anything and is well liked in school. As it turns out, Chitose isn't poor; the attorney was merely hiding her inheritance for himself. Instead of going back to the super rich school, she buys the rural school and attempts to transform it into a refined school to compete with that of her rival/former best friend. However, the students of the rural school don't want to be refined.

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