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Gridman the Hyper Agent is a 1993 to 1994 Tokusatsu television series created by Tsuburaya Production. Over a decade after the live action series, Akira Amemiya of Trigger created the Denkou Choujin Gridman: boys invent great hero short original net animation for the 2015 Japan Animator Expo.

In 2018, Amemiya and Trigger announced a full length television series titled SSSS.GRIDMAN [1]. The series premiered with an Episode 1 preview screening at Anime Expo 2018 (Los Angeles) on July 6, 2018.[2] and began airing proper on October 7, 2018. A sequel has been announced for 2020 titled SSSS.DYNAZENON, promoted as being part of the "Gridman Universe".



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