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The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? (八男って、それはないでしょう!, Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshō!)is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Y.A. and illustrated by Fuzichoco. It was serialized online between June 2013 and March 2017 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was acquired by Media Factory, who published the first light novel volume in April 2014 under their MF Books imprint.

A manga adaptation with art by Hiroki Kusumoto has been serialized online via Kadokawa Shoten's ComicWalker website since 2015. An anime series adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP premiered on April 2, 2020.


Shingo Ichinomiya was once a single salaryman until he feel asleep and woke up in a fantasy world with magic as a young boy named Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, the eighth son of the noble Baumeister family. Due to his family being poor, Wendelin is unlikely to inherit anything from his father as most of the family's wealth and possessions will go to his eldest brother Kurt while the rest of his brothers have to find income by other means. While finding firewood for his father at a nearby woods, Wendelin meets Alfred Rainford, a former court wizard who teaches the boy magic after learning Wendelin has a great affinity for magic. Thanks to Alfred, Wendelin becomes a skilled swordsman and mage, leading him to become a famous adventurer known throughout the kingdom.

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