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Hands Off! (その手をどけろ, Sono Te wo Dokero, lit. "Off Your Hand!") is a manga series by Kasane Katsumoto, spanning eight volumes. It was published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in Asuka Magazine; in North America, it is licensed by Tokyopop. It is the sequel to Don't Call Us Angels (俺たちを天使と呼ぶな, Oretachi wo Tenshi to Yobuna), also known as Hands Off! Don't Call Us Angels.


Hands Off! is about Kotarou Oohira, an effeminate fifteen-year-old who unknowingly possesses a touch-based ESP. He goes to live with his grandfather and his cousin Tatsuki Oohira, who also possesses psychic abilities. Tatsuki has the power of postcognition which he received from touching his cousin as a child. At their school they meet up with Yuuto Urushiyama, another psychic with the ability to read people's emotional auras. Whenever Tatsuki and Yuuto come into physical contact with Kotarou, their powers are heightened although it's usually at his discomfort and he ends up slapping or (in Yuuto's case) kicking them away. Kotarou has a habit of getting himself involved in dangerous situations so Tatsuki and Yuuto must frequently invoke the use of their powers to rescue him. However, the more Tatsuki uses his powers the more he begins to lose his sense of reality, leading him into a dangerous downward spiral.

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