"Those who clear quests, shall receive everything."

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Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Lucid Adventure) (열렙전사 (Lucid Adventure), yeollebjeonsa (Lucid Adventure)) is a webtoon, by Kim Sehoon, that is published on Naver and LINE Webtoons.


"When you go from level 99 to level 1 and start all over again."

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was the No.1 Ranked player in Lucid Adventure and the only player on the server with The Golden Armor. He is a dirty player and is criticised for his antics such as stealing quests, blocking other users from completing quests and stealing MOBs that others had almost finished and is dirty.

During an Quest, he is beaten by a mysterious assassin and his Golden Armor and items are stolen from him before his level is reset to Level 1. He must go on a long journey of redemption to recover his stats and power as well as earn enough money to repay the money he owes to loan sharks in The Real World.

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