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Haunted Junction (HAUNTEDじゃんくしょん) is an anime and manga series created by Nemu Mukudori. The manga was serialized in the monthly manga magazine Dengeki Comic Gao! by MediaWorks from 1996 to 2001. The anime, produced by Bandai Visual and Studio Deen, aired between 2 April 1997 and 25 June 1997.


Haunted Junction centers around Saitou High School - a school where both students and spirits roam the halls - and the Student Council that tries to keep things running smoothly for all of them: Haruto Houjou, the studius son of a Christian pastor; Kazumi Ryuudou, the girl-crazy son of a Buddhist monk; and Mutsuki Asahina, the daughter of a Shinto priest with a thing for boys (that are half her age).

Although many of the spirits occupying the halls - and depths - of Saitou are good-natured, there are many that aren't. In order to rid the school of its evil spirits and dangerous demons, the Student Council employs the help of seven distinct spirits within the school (each based on common myths and ghost stories in Japanese schools) that can be summoned by the use of seven special badges which Haruto holds.

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