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Heavy Metal L-Gaim (重戦機 エルガイム, Jūsenki Erugaimu,) is a Japanese mecha anime series produced by Sunrise directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Its characters and mecha were designed by Mamoru Nagano, who would later go on to create The Five Star Stories. The anime aired on Nagoya Broadcasting Network from February 4, 1984 to February 23, 1985 for 54 episodes.


The story takes place in the Pentagona System, a solar system made up of five planets. Oldna Poseidal, the legendary emperor from the planet Gastogal leads his 24 Temple Knights dominating planet to planet until all have fallen under his rule. His final victory is on the planet Mizum in 3975 when he defeats Kamon Walha V, ruler of the Yaman Clan. Kamon hides his heir, Kamon Myroad on the planet Mizum with the legendary white mecha, L-Gaim. Fifteen years later, now grown up and known as Daba Myroad, he leads a rebellion to free the planets of Pentagona from Poseidal's grasp.

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