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Heroic Age (ヒロイック・エイジ, Hiroikku Eiji) is a science fiction anime directed by Toshimasa Suzuki. It is produced by XEBEC and airs on Japanese networks such as TV Tokyo and TV Osaka. The series first aired on April 1, 2007, and is now completed with a total of 26 episodes, the last of which having aired on September 30, 2007.

On July 23, 2007, a manga adaptation began serialization in Kodansha's Magazine Z. Though the story will be the same, it will be told in Iolaous' point of view. Five official guidebooks will also be published and will have consecutive monthly releases from July to November 2007.


The show is set in a futuristic universe controlled by a few races or "tribes" that possess the capabilities for interstellar travel. The show's opening explains that the universe had been once ruled by a "Golden Tribe", who long since left. They passed on their knowledge to the humanoid "Silver Tribe" (銀の種族, Gin no Shuzoku), the insectoid "Bronze Tribe" (青銅の種族, Seidou no Shuzoku) and the gigantic ""Heroic Tribe" (英雄の種族, Eiyuu no Shuzoku)". The latter was later punished by the Golden Tribe for causing havoc in the universe, and made to serve the other tribes as 'Nodos' (ノドス, Nodosu) - extremely powerful beings that play a key role in the story. Humanity, known as the "Iron Tribe" (鉄の種族, Tetsu no Shuzoku) turned up later in history, having developed interstellar travel by themselves.

Most of the story follows the voyages of the starship Argonaut and her crew. The ship carries the young human princess Dhianeila, who is on a mission to find the mythical savior of the human race. This savior is expected to aid the humans in their war against the Silver and Bronze tribes, who are bent on humanity's extermination. Humanity has already been driven from Earth and is now hiding from the more advanced tribes.

Initially, the expedition finds a child-hearted boy, called Age, on a partially destroyed planet. When the Argonaut is attacked by the Bronze tribe, Age is shown to transform into a "Nodos" form, a gigantic and immensely powerful being. He easily fends of the superior attacking force.

Having found their messiah, the Argonaut starts it's way back to the human home world, and later in the show takes part in a war against the Silver and Bronze tribes with the human fleet. Most of the episodes contain a battle sequence where Age transforms into his Nodos form and decides the outcome of the battle. The other tribes soon send their own Nodos to defend Age as the full-scale war develops between them and humanity.

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