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Heroman (ヒーローマン, Hīrōman) is a series created by Marvel's Stan Lee and studio Bones. The manga adaptation was published in Square Enix's magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan and began serialization in September 2009, while the anime adaptation aired on April 1, 2010.


In the West Coast of Center City, a young orphan boy named Joey lives his everyday life with his grandmother, working part-time at a restaurant while attending school. Upon hearing of a new toy robot called the Heybo, Joey believes that getting one will improve his life, making him into a hero to protect his friends and family, but cannot afford one from his meager salary. His luck changes when he picks up a broken down Heybo abandoned by a school bully. Naming it Heroman, he fixes it and gained much more than he ever wished when it gets struck by a bolt of strange lightning. It transforms into a giant robot, just in nick of time to save his friend Lina from impending danger. Now, Joey and Heroman become Earth's last defense against the evil Skrugg aliens, unknowingly summoned to Earth by Joey's science teacher.

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