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Blazing Transfer Student (炎の転校生, Honō no Tenkōsei) is a manga written and illustrated by Kazuhiko Shimamoto. It was serialized in the Shogakukan manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1983 to 1985. Honō no Tenkōsei was adapted into a two-episode OVA anime series in 1991 by Gainax.


Noboru Takizawa is your normal student. However upon being transferred to a new school the first thing that happens is that he steps on a land mine! From that point on, he fights against the hall monitor and gets past him. In the turmoil of it all, he meets the lovely Yukari and befriends her. Later on, he meets Ibuki, who later becomes his rival to win Yukari's heart.

It turns out that the school Takizawa has transferred to is trying to tyrannize the students of the class he's entered. It is now his job to try and help them out and keep their class! He does this by trying his best in showing the class has potential in a sports festival at the school. Meanwhile in the background, Takizawa's father is setting the teacher's straight and making them stop their evil ways.

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