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Honey Honey no Suteki na Bouken (ハニーハニーのすてきな冒険, Hanī Hanī no Suteki na Bōken, lit. "Honey Honey's Wonderful Adventures") is a shōjo manga by Hideko Mizuno first published in 1966 and made into a 29-episode anime TV series in 1981 by Kokusai Eiga (Movie International Company, Ltd.). The anime was released in the English language in the United States as Honey Honey and also broadcast in various European countries and in Latin America.


The story begins in the city of Vienna in 1907, as the city holds a lavish birthday celebration for its beloved Princess Flora. The princess entertains a variety of suitors from around the world who have come to propose marriage. Also on hand for the celebration is Phoenix, a handsome, suave jewel thief who has his eye on stealing the princess's precious gemstone, the "Smile of the Amazon," which the princess wears as a ring.

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