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Hungry Marie (腹ペコのマリー, Harapeko no Marie) is a manga series written and drawn by Ryūhei Tamura. It started running the Weekly Shōnen Jump on February 27, 2017. It is complete in four volumes.


A legend says that the ghost of a girl stands on the top of an old Catholic church, inhabited by the Sagimiya family. Said family has a hateful rivalry with the Bijogi family, who manage a Taoist temple next door. In the middle of all this, Bijogi Taiga has had a crush on Sagimiya Anna, the demure daughter of the priest, since childhood.

Little did he know, the Sagimiya are involved in very un-Catholic activities such as trying to resurrect the spirit of Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, the daughter of the late French queen Marie Antoinette and who has a seemingly endless appetite for food. And since he has found out, he will have to "collaborate"—i.e. be the human sacrifice to that end. Nevertheless, just before the "ritual," Taiga decides to confess his love to Anna and is struck by a lightning bolt the second after. He miraculously survives without a scratch, but somehow finds himself in a body slightly more... blonde and feminine.

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