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Hyde & Closer (呪法解禁!!ハイド&クローサー, Juhou Kaikin!! Haido & Kurōsā, lit. "Magic Ban Removal!! Hyde & Closer") is a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Haro Aso. The manga is serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from July 2008. The individual chapters were then collected into seven tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan.


The story begins with a tale of explaining magic. The main protagonist is a 13-year-old named Shunpei Closer; he is viewed as a weak and timid teenager. His grandfather, Alsyd Closer, was a magician, the "Sorcerer King." Alsyd would travel around the world constantly, only stopping in Japan every now and then to tell tales of his journeys to Shunpei. Before leaving to Africa on Shunpei's 7th birthday, Alsyd gave Shunpei a teddy bear named Hyde. Shunpei quickly grows attached to the teddy bear, stating he was Shunpei's best friend. Six years have passed, and Shunpei comes home one day, only to receive a package that had a stuffed animal in it. Soon, Shunpei is attacked by the toy, and is almost killed. But before getting killed, Shunpei is cornered into his room, and as the toy was about to strike, the teddy bear Shunpei's grandpa gave him comes to life, and protects Shunpei against the enemy. Shunpei is frightened of the fact that Hyde came to life at first, but Hyde quickly calms him down and explains how Shunpei is the number one target of every magician in the world. At this moment, the stuffed animal from earlier is still alive, and ruthlessly attacks Hyde with knives and forks. Hyde is at a disadvantage because his only weapon is in his back, and he can't reach his back himself, meaning he needs Shunpei to do it for him. Shunpei struggles to get away from the fight, but he remembers how he was treated at school, and calls himself "Pathetic". Summoning up his courage, Shunpei returns to the fight, and brings out the Texas Chainsaw within Hyde. With this new weapon, the stuffed animal is easily destroyed. With the duo finishing up their first battle of many to come, Shunpei learns more about his grandfather than he could have possibly dared, and to overcome the coward that he and everyone else thought he was.

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