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Kimi dake in Moteitainda

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I Want to be Popular Just to You.|キミだけにモテたいんだ.|Kimi Dake ni Motetainda.|lit. "I want to be popular only with you."}} is an anime movie directed by Shun Kudou at Studio: Signal MD.


The story centers on five male high school students, Tokio Furuta, Shigekazu Ashida, Kotaro Tojima, Aki Sahashi, and Shun Gotouda. They are all good-looking boys, but have problems in their personalities. One day, they are gathered by Sakiko Horinomiya, their school's famous girl from a rich family. She wants them to participate in the "Motemen Koushien" tournament to repay the debts that have been owed from various circumstances with the prize money. As growing up to become the champion, they also start realizing the changes in their own minds and surroundings, as well as their love feelings toward Sakiko.

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