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Jewelpet (ジュエルペット, Juerupetto) is a Japanese media and toyline franchise created as a joint venture between Sanrio and Sega Toys. The franchise was originally launched on January 15, 2008, focusing on animals named after jewels, birthstones and minerals, who can use magic using their eyes.

Due to its success, Sanrio and Sega Toys expanded the Jewelpet franchise overseas. The franchise is currently being licensed by Italian company Giochi Preziosi for its European release.


In an antique shop, there was a magical Jewel Box which sat there for centuries and shined in very bright colors. A girl accidentally encountered the box and opened it, causing a strange light to shine and the girl was sucked inside. She was now in a strange new world that shined like jewels with sign that reads 'Jewel Land'. The girl was amazed by the sightful and brightly colourful decoration of everything, with all kinds of jewels. At the town's center, there was a strange jewel-decorated tower, and the girl went inside out of curiosity

She was greeted by a princess who was happy to see the girl and offered her a jewel apple. The girl accepted the gift and the jewel in the girl's hand glowed, magically transforming into a cute animal. The princess said the creature was called a Jewelpet, and each of them live in Jewel Land. However, she also told her the crisis that Jewel Land was facing as the magic was starting to vanish. She told the girl that she must raise that Jewelpet she had into a full-fledged magician.

Each Jewelpet differs from their magical Jewel Eyes and depends on the human partner who awakens them and use magic whenever they need to. They all study magic along with their partners in a special school in Jewel Land for them to become master magicians. The pets and their partners must endure a lot of hardships and even trouble. With each care the human partners give to their Jewelpets, the pets love them back.

For a Jewelpet to become a magician, it must go through rigorous training and studying with their human partners to prevent the crisis in Jewel Land. If the Jewelpet becomes a magician, they'll be rewarded with a magical Jewel Cloak, as a symbol of mastery over its magic.

Series InfoEdit

Title Media Original Run
Jewelpet Anime April 5, 2009 – March 28, 2010
Jewelpet Twinkle☆ Anime April 2, 2010 – July 21, 2013
Jewelpet Twinkle☆: A Rainbow of Smiles Doki☆Doki! OVA July 22, 2013
Jewelpet Sunshine Anime April 9, 2011 – March 31, 2012
Jewelpet Kira☆Deco Anime April 7, 2012 – March 30, 2013
Jewelpet Happiness Anime April 6, 2013 – March 29, 2014
Lady Jewelpet Anime April 5, 2014 – March 28, 2015
Jewelpet: Magical Change Anime April 4, 2015 – December 26, 2015
Jewelpet the Movie: Sweets Dance Princess Film August 11, 2012

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