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Jungle King Tar-chan (ジャングルの王者ターちゃん, Janguru no Ōja Tā-chan) is a comedy-gag manga and anime by Masaya Tokuhiro parodied after Edgar Rice Burroughs's "Tarzan" literature. Midway through serialization, its name was changed to New Jungle King Tar-chan (新ジャングルの王者ターちゃん, Shin Janguru no Ōja Tā-chan). The series ran in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1988 to 1990 as Jungle King Tar-chan, and then from 1990 to 1995 as New Jungle King Tar-chan. It first appeared as a short prototype story in the 1986 Autumn Special as Tar-san (ターサン, Tāsan).

An anime series adaptation by Group TAC was broadcasted on TV Tokyo from October 1993 to September 1994 for 50 episodes.


Ta-chan is the king of jungle. He was abandoned in the savanna, and has been raised by a chimpanzee, Etekichi. He has a dearest wife, Jane who used to be a top model in New York, but now she looks… Anyway, to protect animals from poachers, Ta-chan is fighting against them with his disciple, Pedro, and a master of Chinese martial arts, Ryo.

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