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Kamisama Hajimemashita

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Kamisama Kiss (神様はじめました, Kamisama Hajimemashita) is a Japanese manga series by Julietta Suzuki and serialized by Hakusensha in the shōjo manga magazine Hana to Yume. The series is licensed for release in North America by Viz Media as part of their Shojo Beat imprint.

An anime adaptation has been produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Akitaro Daichi. The first season premiered on October 1, 2012 and ran for 13 episodes to December 24, 2012. It has been streamed by Funimation Entertainment in North America. A 2 short episode OVA for the first season was released on Aug 20, 2013. A second season premiered in January 5, 2015 and ran for 12 episodes to March 30, 2015. Another 4 full episode OVA was released from August 20, 2015 to August 19, 2016.


After her father having run away due to gambling debts, and being evicted from her apartment, Nanami meets Mikage, a strange man who is afraid of dogs. Nanami "saves" Mikage from a dog and tells him her story. He gives Nanami his house as a thank you for saving him. Nanami accepts the offer, due to having nowhere else to go. Mikage draws her up a map showing her where to go. Upon arriving, she finds that it is a rundown shrine. Nanami is then almost killed by Tomoe, who was expecting Mikage to finally return after his 20-year absence. She is then greeted by both Onikiri and Kotetsu, as the new land god of the shrine. Unable to accept Nanami as the new land god, Tomoe mocks her then leaves the shrine, which, without Tomoe's power transforms back into a run-down state. Not wanting to rob Tomoe of his home and realizing that her powers as a god are too weak anyway Nanami leaves, but eventually is brought back by Tomoe after she seals a contract with him, making him her familiar.

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