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Kimi no Knife (君のナイフ, Kimi no Naifu) is a manga written and illustrated by Yua Kotegawa. It was serialized in Grand Jump Premium from July 8, 2009 to April 24, 2013.


Shiki Yukitaka is desperate for money, but he makes way too little as a long-term substitute teacher. While drinking one evening, a pretty woman asks if he would be willing to assassinate people for 5 million yen a kill. Although Shiki is hesitant, he grudgingly admits that he might do it, provided all the targets are serious evildoers. He soon finds that her offer is deadly serious, when she introduces him to the rest of the team and points them towards their first target. The driver, Yan, is doing this for the money as well. Shiki's partner, Kuzumi, is a cop. He doesn't appear to be interested in the money, but he seems to be driven by a deep anger.

On Shiki's first mission, things don't go quite as planned. They didn't count on their target's 18-year-old daughter Itsuki being locked up in the house. She's been confined for 10 years, due to her spooky ability to read things from people's minds when she touches them. She claims to want to be their ally, and Shiki is reluctantly made responsible for her care. With the police investigating their crime, is keeping her alive too dangerous? How long will the team be able to get away with continuing their highly paid vigilante murders?

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