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Pretty Rhythm

KING OF PRISM is a spin-off multimedia franchise based on Takara Tomy's Pretty Rhythm franchise. Its story focuses solely on the male characters from the third series Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. Since the successful premiere of the first film KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm on January 9, 2016, the unexpected popularity on nationwide screenings led the series to become a financial success while also becoming independent. In addition, a stage play adaptation of the film titled King of Prism: Over the Sunshine! took place in 2017. A sequel of the film entitled KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-premiered in Japan on June 10, 2017.

It was announced in 2018 that King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars is in production as a sequel to the first two films and the smartphone game. The anime series was scheduled to air on TV Tokyo on April 15, 2019 whilst each of the three episodes were condensed into four theatrical compilation films, and given limited cheer screenings from March to May 2019.


Over a year later after the events of Rainbow Live, the male idol unit, Over The Rainbow succeeds in its debut. Aiming to become like them, more students enroll in Edel Rose. Hiro and the others begin practice for the Prism King Cup, an event that is held once every four years. However, a rival called "Schwarz Rose" appears... Who will become the Prism King, the one who can make girls' hearts throb the most!?

Shiny Seven Stars[]

Following after the Prism King Cup, Shin Ichijo and the rest of the Edel Rose students resume their regular lives But Jin Norizuki who still wouldn't admit defeat from his previous loss, initiates the Prism 1 Grand Prix and challenges Edel Rose on a school-wide duel. As the Shiny Seven Stars, Shin and the rest take up the challenge to follow their graduate seniors and discovering their true sparkle within their hearts.

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