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Voice of Fox (狐狸之声, Kitsune no Koe) is a Chinese manhua written by (光线君) and currently serialized online by iQiyi. An anime adaptation is set to premiere on October 2018.


A fox-masked ghost singer with a pure talent for music and a handsome idol with a mediocre voice, aim to be on top of the showbiz world, but what happens when life spirals out of control and the Ghost Singer secret was threatened to be revealed?

Hu Li is an amazing ghost singer who wears a mask to cover his face. Kong Que is an idol who has a great face, but his singing leaves a bit to be desired. One day Hu Li gets an online message from a user named SKY who threatens to reveal Hu Li's identity as Kong Que's Ghost Singer and as Night Fox the online artist, with life spiraling out of control Hu Li must find the identity of SKY before it's too late.

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