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Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life (この音とまれ!) is a Japanese manga by Amyuu that began serializing in Shueisha's Jump Square magazine in 2012. An anime television series was produced by Platinum Vision with the first cour aired from April 6 to June 29, 2019, and the second cour aired from October 5 to December 29, 2019.


Takezo Kurata is the last remaining member of the Tokise High School Koto Club. As he is trying to recruit new members, a delinquent name Chika Kudo shows up and declares that he wants to join the club. Takezo was apprehensive of him at first due to Kudo's troubled past until learning the truth. More members join the club in time, each holding their own reasons for joining. However, in the end, they all have the same goal - to play at the Koto Nationals competition.

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