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Legal Drug (合法ドラッグ, Gōhō Doraggu) is a manga series by CLAMP. The main artist in this serialization is Tsubaki Nekoi, formerly Mick Nekoi. It is published in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten and it is published in English by Tokyopop who have currently released 3 volumes as of 2005. The series is also known as Lawful Drugstore or Gouhou Drug in Japan. Since then, however, the license has lapsed, and Dark Horse Comics just picked up the publishing rights for 2014.

The series was put on hold in 2003, as the magazine it was serialized in ceased its publication. It resumed serialization in November 2011 in Kadokawa's Young Ace Magazine under the new title, Drug and Drop (ドラッグ&ドロップ).


When Kazahaya Kudo collapsed in the snow one night and on the verge of death, he is rescued by a mysterious young man, Rikuo Himura, who takes him back to a pharmacy named the Green Drugstore.

Kazahaya, apparently running from his past, takes up work at the Green Drugstore alongside Rikuo. He comments that although Rikuo rescued him, he really feels indebted to the store's owner, Kakei, whom he thanks for his current accommodation and job. While their day job is quite simple, the boys are persuaded and, in some cases, practically forced by Kakei to take on strange extra jobs outside the store, which make use of their supernatural powers.

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