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Lemon Angel Project (レモン エンジェル プロジェクト, Remon Enjeru Purojekuto) is a 13-episode Japanese anime series very loosely based on the 80's J-pop group Lemon Angel.


In the year 2017 where music is delivered in a technological fashion. Once ago, a pop band named Lemon Angel made it big, but only performed on large flat screens that serve as ad spaces in the city. After a while, the band disappeared with no trace left. Tomo Minaguchi, whose deceased senpai was somehow involved with Lemon Angel, was invited to join an audition aimed to form a new Lemon Angel band, or revive it with new members where she reluctantly agrees.

As the series progresses, Tomo bonds with the other four members of the band (out of the audition), and along the way, each learn the values of trust, friendship, and inner strength, as they do their best to perform for the Lemon Angel Project.

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