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Little Butterfly (リトル・バタフライ, Ritoru. Batafurai) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hinako Takanaga. It is published in Japan by Kaiōsha, and is licensed in North America by Digital Manga Publishing, in Taiwan by Taiwan Tohan, in Germany by Tokyopop Germany and in France by Taifu Comics.


When the cheerful junior high student Kojima decides to make friends with the loner Nakahara, he discovers that Nakahara has a lonely home life, as his father is distant, and his mother is mentally unhinged. Kojima finds that his feelings for Nakahara are romantic, and Nakahara confesses his own feelings towards Kojima. Nakahara applies for a scholarship at a distant high school to escape his home life, and Kojima, despite having much worse marks than Nakahara, decides to apply for the same school, so that they can continue to be together. Nakahara helps Kojima study, but Nakahara's sexual advances on Kojima are rebuffed. Nakahara has a crisis at home and stays at Kojima's house for a while, and their relationship becomes more physical.

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