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Love Attack! (純愛特攻隊長!, Junai Tokkō Taichō) is a manga series written and illustrated by Shizuru Seino. It started being serialized in Bessatsu Friend in 2005. The individual chapters were collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. As of December 2020, 13 volumes have been released.


High school freshman Chiemi Yusa often gets into fights while standing up for people being bullied. After getting into too many fights, her teacher threatens to expel her. However, her teacher says that if she can change Akifumi Hirata, the 'Deranged Devil' of the school, who terrifies students and teachers alike, then her record will be wiped clean. She finds him in the middle of a fight with some upperclassmen and, jumping from a second-story window, lands on Ohno and kicks Akifumi in the face, yelling at him to stop doing stupid things in school. Akifumi asks Chiemi out, but she refuses.

As she gets to know him, however, she changes her mind and they begin dating. Yukari, Chiemi's friend, teases them about how slow their relationship is, wondering why Akifumi actually likes Chiemi, while Akifumi's elementary school friend, Kuramori Akio, also is in love with Akifumi and doesn't like him dating someone else.

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