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Love Mode (ラブモード) is a yaoi manga series by Shimizu Yuki. It was first serialized in the Japanese monthly yaoi magazine Be x Boy in 1995 and released in 11 individual paperback volumes by the now-defunct publisher Biblos. The series was also published in English by BLU a sub company of the now-defunct publisher Tokyo Pop.


Love Mode itself is a compilation of several stories (most often short) involving various degrees of gay couples. Every one of these couples is linked to an establishment known as the Blue Boy. The Blue Boy is a gay host club where anyone wielding enough money can hire out a very attractive man to either pretty up a party or for sex. Most of the couples consist of either hosts/ex-hosts, clients/ex-clients, or both.

Though all of the couples get a considerable amount of spotlight, without a doubt, the main focus of the story is the once dysfunctional Aoe family and their lovers. Aoe Reiji himself owns the Blue Boy and is the only main character to appear in all eleven volumes.

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