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Magical Canan (まじかるカナン) (also appears as Magical Kanan) is a eroge developed and published by Terios. It was later adapted into two erotic OVA series and a 13 episode-long television series. Both OVA series were previously licensed for distribution in North America by NuTech Digital in 2004. Since 2006 the OVAs are licensed by Adult Source Media. The TV series has been licensed for distribution in the Philippines and dubbed in Tagalog by Hero and licensed in Taiwan by Mighty Media Co., Ltd. The game has never been licensed for distribution in North America. The anime television series has been licensed for a North American release by Discotek Media.


The plot of the story is that five dangerous "seeds" have been stolen from their vault in the world of Evergreen and sent to Earth. The magical seeds can bind themselves to humans and prey off their desires, turning them into monsters. Natsuki, an agent of Queen Tsuyuha, is sent to Earth to seek out a Magical Warrior. He and Hiiragi Chihaya, a high school girl, meet, and she transforms into Magical Senshi Carmein. Complications arise with the arrival of the obnoxious Magical Warrior Cerulean Blue, and the mysterious transfer student, Emi Kojima.

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